Props Matter

Once you become a juggler you just have to throw things. Anything! This was the case with our son Doug. He was taught to juggle at an art show when he was 8 years old. He started out with tennis balls, quickly graduating to Klutz balls purchased at a book store in our small town.

Fast forward a few years down the road and you will see that Doug has become a decent juggler. Jugglers tend to have a basic need to hang out with other jugglers. They do not discriminate based on age, rank or serial number. They'll hang with you just because you can juggle. Going to juggling festivals is an excellent way to meet other jugglers. That's where we met Dean, the artist of this picture. He's a super great guy!

A few weeks after meeting Dean this picture arrived in our mailbox. This drawing is Dean's interpretation of what Doug looked like at the festival. The picture was a cool way to say that we needed to get our son some matching balls. At that time, Doug didn't have enough matching balls for the number of balls he could juggle. Dean opened our eyes and helped us to realize that props matter.

What do your props look like? If you can relate to this picture at all, it's time to order some new balls from Sport Juggling Company

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